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Energy bills will be cut for Londoners


Energy bills will be cut for Londoners

London South Bank University (LSBU) launched a new student-led guidance and information service to assist households in lowering their energy costs, consuming less energy, and increasing their energy efficiency.

This week, staff at London Southbank are attending the Ashrae Winter Conference, presenting on smart local energy systems and their potential to decarbonise cities globally.

Londoners may access information and assistance from the new LSBU Energy Advice Centre on home energy costs (such as how to get help with heating bills) as well as subsidies for making changes to a house’s energy efficiency and lowering energy costs. It will also provide guidance on energy choices for the home.


Residents of Lambeth and Southwark can get the following advice at the new LSBU Energy Advice Center:

  • Energy cost advice and information are available online via a website and email at
  • LSBU Energy Advice Centre, Clarence Center for Enterprise & Innovation, 126 London Road, SE1 0AE, offers in-person energy advice and information.
  • Energy information and guidance are provided at public events in several South London areas.

The new LSBU Energy Advice Centre will be run by students and staff, while LSBU PhD students built the necessary infrastructure, including a database of energy questions and answers for our advisors, support materials, and a website for Londoners to assist them reduce their energy costs .

Engineers from the LSBU School of Engineering will assist the new LSBU Energy Advice Center in its activities.

A UK-first energy project was started by LSBU in April 2022 to investigate how 5G can lower customer energy bills and carbon emissions. With a £1.1 million funding from UKRI, the research Network Plus project “Green, Connected and Prosperous Britain” will provide recommendations to the government and energy firms over the following two years.The LSBU Energy Advice Centre project is being launched with the support of the registered charity, UPP Foundation, who are making a very kind donation to support the running of the LSBU Energy Advice Centre.

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