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Disappearance of sex offenders


Disappearance of sex offenders

Police figures, Gov release forms have revealed that for the 3 years sex offenders have gone missing and changed identities.

729 offenders to be exact, according to the freedom of information act during the years 2019-2021.

This is a screenshot of the Freedoms act online with a link also to go directly to the information

Sexual offences/crimes are serious and once someone is convicted they are put on a list to be monitored after prison release in order to prevent future harm to people in society.

Once released from prison they undergo a license while overseen by someone in the social work services, they are also put in a particular housing association and get regular check ups on behaviour and activity.

Data from The freedom of information show many offenders are missing and have been wanted.

100s of them have even changed their names, which although is legal most have not let higher authorities know of these changes which is strictly against the guidelines permitted that offenders must follow.

This is a major case for concern to the public and campaigners feel this allows offenders to continue abusing if they choose to while remaining under the radar in society with new identities.

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