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Harlesden Library: temporarily relocates as refurbishments are carried out


Harlesden Library: temporarily relocates as refurbishments are carried out

A local library will not reopen until April 2023 due to renovations. 

According to Brent Council, Harlesden library will reopen with a “fresh perspective” and will be a “brand-new area” for the neighbourhood.

The council will be providing a limited, but important and necessary service at a library pop-up contact point, which is currently located at The Designworks while the main library is undergoing renovations. 

Image: Oshane Beach

A modest selection of children’s and adult books and other materials will be available for checkout at the Harlesden Library Contact Point, which is free to join and use.

It is still possible for local residents to go from Harlesden to the Willesden Green and Kilburn libraries by bus and train. These libraries’ service offerings are unchanged.

Image: Oshane Beach

“Not being funny, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with Harlesden Library, I just don’t see the point in fixing something that isn’t or wasn’t broken. I believe that it’s a complete misuse of public funds and taxpayers money.” Said local resident Wendy.

She continued: “I mean, there are plenty of other areas within our community that those renovation funds could have been put to better use.”

Local off-licence employees Imran and Mustafa both agreed that its a positive step in the right direction for the community. 

Image: Oshane Beach

“With English not being my first language Harlesden Library provided me an environment to learn and educate myself on the country and the culture. It also played a huge role in my studies and completing numerous qualifications.” Said Irmani, Customer Service Manager at a local supermarket in the area.

To guarantee the protection and safety of customers, vendors, staff, and guests, CCTV has been placed in several areas of the facility.

In terms of accessibility here is a large pavement area near the Designworks entrance on Park Parade. On the road either side of the entry, there are dropped kerbs and tactile paving. There is also a ramp at the building’s entrance.

Monument outside The Designworks on the Rucklidge Avenue entryway. Image: Oshane Beach

You can return any borrowed goods from the Harlesden Library to any other Brent library. You can also visit Brent library’s website, send an email to, or call 0208 937 3400 for any additional information.


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