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Sadiq Khans rattles people on twitter with his views on instituted racism!


Sadiq Khans rattles people on twitter with his views on instituted racism!

photo by:Darryl_SE7 Stephen Lawrences anniversary on the 22nd of April has passed, the young man(18) was murdered in a racially motivated attack by a group of males while waiting at a bus stop

The UK was impacted heavily by the story, law enforcement and police departments due to how horribly it was dealt with by the authorities at the time of Stephens murder.

The case itself led to apparent changes in law, policing, and how the response is made regarding institutional racism, all of this stemmed from the treatment of Stephens case and ultimately the two convictions for Stephen Lawrence’s murder, although their was more than two present at the time of the attack.


Sadiq Khan on the day of Stephen Lawrences anniversary this year made a statement remembering Stephen and reflecting on on his views on how he felt at the time he heard and the relevancy of Stephens death considering how institutionalised racism it to still be prevalent today.

Below is a brief audio clip of the memorial service for Stephen Lawrence , Sadiq Khan presented a speech on Sky News for the memorial and mentions taking out the ”poison” in the institutes

Unfortunately the anniversary of Stephen Lawrence had received backlash from a few people on twitter as did Sadiq Khan.

People on twitter have taken Stephen Lawrences anniversary and created further race divisions, some have decided to make Stephens anniversary a day to remember Lee Rigby instead, which was another tragic and horrific story of a young man who was brutally killed in broad daylight by 2 people.


This shocked the UK and was motivated by extremist viewpoints. Lee Rigby was killed on the 22nd of May.

Both deaths were tragic and neither deserve to be put in any crossfire or agenda pushing narratives on twitter.

Below are tweets from a few users regarding Stephen Lawrence, Lee and Sadiq Khan.

This tweet had an interesting reply back which relayed a message made by the Rigby family a while ago during the black lives matter protest, which says these narratives have been going around for a long time.

Here’s more tweets using the Rigby name to push the narrative.

Its clear that the Rigby family aren’t involved in the negativity being displayed on twitter, on day where families are grieving and trying to remember their lost one.

In 2023 it seems its still hard to fathom institutionalised racism still exist.

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