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Love turned to misery; ex-boyfriend sentenced to restraining order


Love turned to misery; ex-boyfriend sentenced to restraining order

On the 1st of March 2021, an argument between 44-year-old Abrian Abas, the defendant and his then girlfriend took place at his girlfriends home, Lions place in orange park. In the mist of the argument, the defendant grabbed the victim’s phone in order to delete couple photos of the two of them. However, after a struggle, the defendant threw the iPhone 10 at the wall causing the screen to crack beyond repair.

The Prosecutor, represented by Mr Owen in argued that the court considers domestic abuse offences very serious. He asked that the court grant a restraining order in protection of the victim so that she does not have to undergo anymore traumatic stress. He then asked that he be given a fine to cover the full expenses of the victims iPhone 10 and cut all ties with the victim, her family and friends.

The defence, represented by Ms Patel in response argued that Mr Abas pleaded guilty straight away, additionally offering to pay for the damages made to the victim’s phone yet has still already been imprisoned for two months even after having pleaded. The defendant has no prior criminal record, nor has he refused to co-operate with the court and the victim to resolve this matter. He has no previous convictions and the other two charges given to the defendant have been discontinued due to lack of sufficient evidence.

The sentence for Mr Abas is to be charged a band B fine of £700 of the damages of the victim’s phone which can be paid back in monthly instalments of £50 a month starting from the 12th of April. Mr Abas must also follow a restraining order from the victim with a period of 5 years. He will also pay an additional fee of £22 to the court and cut all ties with the victim as requested.

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