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Woman wanted for aggravated assault failed to attend probation under community order and had custodial sentence reduced with a £450 fine.

 LEFT: Barkingside Magistrates court

Pearl Chapman, 30, from Barking was in custody as she was guilty of stealing £380 worth of clothes from Sports Direct in Ilford Exchange Mall, East London on last month. She stored the stolen clothes in a bag and left the store, refusing to pay not until she was detained by the store detective. It was when the defendant managed to escape and was later, without lawful authority, in possession of a kitchen knife at JD sports in the same shopping mall.

Chapman defended herself saying, she is suffering from mental health, such as depression and anxiety. The people not disclosed are the reason to her suffering mental health which led her to being in possession of a bladed knife. Chapman admitted to her crimes, also she pleaded guilty to her first conviction back on 27th June 2022, which she was also again in possession of a bladed article.

ABOVE: Locations where the defendant committed the crime

Upon decision, as Chapman confessed, guilty of her criminal actions therefore, her custodial sentence has been reduced to twenty weeks. Sixteen weeks for possession of a bladed article and four weeks for theft. Additionally, she was given a duration of six months to pay a fine of £450 to cover up the stolen items.

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