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Loski faces 7 years of prison time


Loski faces 7 years of prison time

23 year old Drill rapper Jyrelle O’Connor famously known as ‘Loski’ was arrested in April 2019 after police began to investigate into a fatal stabbing of one of his close associates, which was believed to be a revenge attack by a rivalling gang. During an Uber trip, Loski was found in possession of a loaded revolver. 


      (Mugshot released by Metropolitan Force)

Drill rapper Loski formerly of drill group ‘Harlem Spartans’ has been found guilty in his third trial over a long three year investigation. A jury found the South London rapper guilty of all three counts- possessing a prohibited firearm, possessing a firearm when prohibited for five years, and possessing ammunition for a firearm when prohibited for five years. Both the jury and the judge heard the rappers long history of violence as he was named as a high-profile member.

Loski denied the charges as he claimed and defended to the jury that he faced threats against both his and his mothers lives which was rejected unanimously. On 9 April 2019, he was seen getting into an Uber under a false name. Officers searched the car and found a small black sock with what was later found to be a small loaded revolver and was then arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life.

On Thursday, Loski took to instagram to update his fans with a post of a snippet for an upcoming song.

“It’s minimum 14 if I get a guilty,” he raps on the track, which was supposedly recorded the day before his conviction. “I’m waiting on my verdict right now and I’m tryna stay positive, deep down I’m feeling filthy.”

After DNA specialists recovered the item in question and completed its analysis it showed that Loski’s DNA was on the area of the gun used to load the ammunition.

Following the conclusion of the trial, Detective Constable Snazell said “…I have no doubt that O’Connor, or his gang associates, would have used this revolver in the future and by finding and destroying it we have taken a lethal weapon off the streets and potentially saved a life…”

He added “No amount of fortune or fame justifies his serious criminal actions and I’m confident this will be reflected in the sentence that will be handed down by the judge.”

And after a 5 week long trial at Croydon Crown Court he was sentenced to 7 years in imprisonment.

(Entrance to Croydon Crown Court)

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor- David Malone who leads the CPS in Gangs and Serious Violence in South London and the City, said, “We are taking head on the problem of criminal gangs in London and serious and organised crime on our streets. These cowards have no place in our community and they should know we will never stop fighting to bring organised criminals to justice until the fight is done”.

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