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Sugar cuts to Kellogg’s most loved cereals


Sugar cuts to Kellogg’s most loved cereals

(Photo: A bowl of Sugary Cereal. Credit: Pixabay)

Kellogg’s, Britains most beloved cereals giant, have announced up to a 40% cut on sugar, reports Olivia Kemp and Shola Patterson

The Kellogg’s cut will affect three of the most popular cereals, Cocopops, Rice Krispies, and Multi Grain Shapes. The long standing cereal Ricicles will no longer be sold as it does not fit regulations containing a massive 34g of sugar per 100g.

Many consumers on are sharing their devastation regarding the axe of Ricicles, on Twitter. Former One Direction Star, Louis Tomlinson shares his anger:

Kellogg’s UK’s managing director Oli Morton, told Radio 5 live’s wake up to money podcast that “consumers are asking for a healthier way to start the day. However taste and health go hand in hand.”

London Southbank University Student, Matt Forster claims that Ricicles are one of his favourite breakfast meals to indulge in. “Ricicles are one of my favourite cereals, it’s such a shame to see them go.” Another student, Kelly Scott, says: “I guess that loosing Ricicles will benefit people’s health in the long run. I can see why Kellogg’s are doing this and I think its a positive thing. Although I’m a cereal lover, I really think that this could be a step in the right direction.”

In an effort to make children in the UK more healthy, sugar limits for everyday foods have been published by the BBC. Companies in the food industry will start reducing product size to reduce sugar levels, by hoping to cut 5% at the end of this year and eventually reaching 20% by 2020.

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