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Aspiring journalist @ the London Southbank University

Sugar cuts to Kellogg’s most loved cereals

(Photo: A bowl of Sugary Cereal. Credit: Pixabay) Kellogg’s, Britains most beloved cereals giant, have announced up to a 40% cut on sugar, reports Olivia Kemp and Shola Patterson. The Kellogg’s cut will effect three of the most popular cereals, Cocopops, Rice Krispies, and Multi Grain Shapes. The long standing cereal Ricicles will no longer be […]

Homelessness rapidly growing across London

(Pic: Crisis shop, Walworth, one of many organisations aiding the streets of London) The struggle to house these vulnerable people across the UK, especially in London, is rapidly growing everyday but is something being done about it? Olivia Kemp reports Homelessness is one of Britains’ biggest crisis’ and has been rapidly increasing through the past […]

Get on board with the Amazon bus

Amazon is looking to partner with transport company GoAhead to ship your parcel to you on London's famous red busses, Olivia Kemp reports

Voluntary living wage rises across the country

An increase in the voluntary living wage looks set to give thousands across Britain a pay rise. Thousands of firms have already signed up, with more expected to follow, reports Olivia Kemp This week, the Living Wage Foundation announced that the hourly rate for the voluntary minimum wage would rise to £8.75 nationwide, and £10.20 […]

Female staff at Westminster call out ‘sex pests’ on WhatsApp

Some MPs have been identified on a closed WhatsApp group as not safe to be around and too "intimate" provoking a huge scandal that could end up in resignations, reports Olivia Kemp

Esports: are multiplayer-only games the future?

Is multiplayer-only games taking over the world? This is a question that has been raised through the gaming world, especially within the past 5 years, Olivia Kemp reports

JD Wetherspoons to ban all plastic straws by 2018

While you are at the bar waiting to be served, what is it that you see displayed? That’s right, many plastic straws which believe it or not, are pretty bad for the environment. JD Wetherspoon’s are finally reaching a decision. Though the straws are practical, a lot of pubs and bars hand out straws like they […]