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Prince William’s taskforce are meeting again to combat cyberbullying


Prince William’s taskforce are meeting again to combat cyberbullying

Pic:  Outside YouTube space (Credit: Jonathan Walland)

The Duke of Cambridge is continuing his campaign against cyber bullying by meeting up with different social media bosses at London’s YouTube Space, reports Emma Parker

It seems that Prince William has had enough of the abuse of children online, there have been preparations in place with internet bosses to meet and try tackle the problem.

Today, the Prince will make his way down to the Google and YouTube headquarters, based in King’s Cross St Pancras. He will be meeting with senior representatives from different social media and technology companies as well as anti-bullying charities to consider the progress they have made after the last eighteen months.

In 2016, The Royal Foundation launched a cyberbullying taskforce to support both young people and their families who are affected by the bullies and online trolls. It not only consisted of just adults and leaders in media and technology; the taskforce will also involve young people aged between 11 – 15 to ensure that it remains involved with the latest trends and online movement.

The Duke’s main purpose with the new taskforce was to “develop a new, positive strategy to combat bullying”, because as a parent he has been disgusted by cases of online bullying which has led to young people taking their own lives or even develop eating disorders.

Cyberbullying is an extremely serious issue, especially today in such a heavily technology-reliant society. Studies suggest that 35% of 11 – 17 year olds have experienced some sort of online harassment during their lives, whilst a further 40% have witnessed it happen on social media. With some accounts being able to hide behind a fake name and picture, it is becoming more and more of a problem.

While William is treating the issue with enough dedication and commitment, he is trying to do more whilst being in London today to try and improve on their taskforce to combat online harassment once and for all.

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