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UK charities hit as clothes banks stolen

Clothing bank Credit: British Heart Foundation


UK charities hit as clothes banks stolen

The Textile Recycling Association (TRA) launched an investigation to find out why there have been over 750 clothes bank thefts

More than 750 clothes banks across the United Kingdom have been stolen. Recycling companies are saying that up to 20 clothes banks are being stolen per week, according to the TRA. Not only have clothes bank thefts increased, but it is claimed that it will now take up to six to eight weeks for charities to be able to replace the clothes banks to allow for the supply of clothes to reach charity shops again.

The result of this is that charity shops are estimated to be losing around £370,00 worth of clothes without the supply from the clothes banks. The Charity Commission has launched an investigation. On average £250 for every tonne of clothes collected, also charities receive on average £70 worth of donations a week from each bank.

We went to speak to workers at different charities to see how the lack of donations from the clothes banks has affected their business. We wanted to find out if they’re being affected by the clothes banks being stolen and how reliant their business is on receiving supplies from the clothes banks.

Whilst some charities claimed to not be affected by the information given about stolen food banks because they mainly receive donations by members of the public, other charities like the salvation army have said they source their supply from the companies who collect from the food back and currently aren’t being affected.


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