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Brexit: the start of a student political revolution?

Student have grown tired of parliament and Brexit

Brexit: the start of a student political revolution?

Brexit spark.  Number of students taking up politics degrees has increased dramatically and set off interest in politics amongst students.

With Brexit being an ever-present topic in daily life over the past three years, it has created a divide in this country as to how it will affect the UK.

It is this division and drama that has given more students the reason and drive to pursue a career in politics.

In the last three years, there has been a sharp increase of 28% in the number of students applying for politics-based degree according to the BBC.

This shows that Brexit is a topic which has created a divide, whilst also acting as a catalyst for students to get more involved in politics and the rise in applications is certainly a sign that young people are becoming more politically engaged.

Speaking to Redda Hassan Beck, an engineering student at London South Bank University, when asked whether Brexit has increased student interest in politics he replied:

“Definitely, I really do assume so. Not only that, it’s that it’s a sensitive topic, kicking out expats considering what they’ve done to the economy here in London, to the people.”

Students/ young people in many people’s eyes have often been caricatured as a part of the electorate which lack enthusiasm.

However, recently with the surge in applications to politics degrees, pollsters Youth sight found that  more students are likely to vote with 80% now likely to vote up from 64% more than a decade previously.

The growth in students choosing to study politics at university also has student activism to thank as students have become fed up and want to have their say on Brexit.

Social media has also had a significant effect as the toxic and often fierce nature of the debate from both sides has caught the attention of students, increasing their knowledge of the issue and the curiosity to learn more.

Plenty of students that have started university this year, we’re not old enough to vote in the Brexit referendum.

Studying politics at university as a result is an interesting option and has increased political engagement amongst the student community, and political activities to get their message across to the government.

The outcome Brexit has profound implications for the student age group as it is their futures that are being affected in the long term.

In the wake of Brexit, universities have played their part in getting students more involved by reminding them to register to vote making sure that students have their voices heard.

Brexit is almost a strange phenomenon as it has it has created division but has also reignited student interest in politics once again.

This comes as it was recently found that students would be 15% more likely to vote in an election now than at any time in the past 15 years.

Brexit maybe an issue that has aggravated a nation over the last three years, but clearly has influenced students and their relationship with politics.

Journalism student from Buckinghamshire, now based in London. Interested in sport, music and politics. Interested in uncovering the truth and sharing it with the world.

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