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Make way for the LSBU celebrating LGBTQ+ History month !


Make way for the LSBU celebrating LGBTQ+ History month !

LGBTQ+ History month is celebrated every year in February all across the UK. It is the occasion to look back at the milestones and successes of the movement but also where improvements can be made. 

The theme of LGBT+ history month 2023 is Behind The Lens, celebrating LGBT+ peoples’ contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens. If you are a cinema lover, here is one event you don’t want to miss!

Thousands of events are taking place in the country, even closer to you than you think. Indeed, LSBU organises several celebrations to bring all communities together. 









Today, you will be able to assist in an online workshop based on “rethinking mental illness” for free! As part of a project aimed at improving University student well-being on campuses across London, a group of LGBTQ+ students decided to help to feel less alone in their experiences through discussion with others. 

The most exciting event comes on the 17th of February “Night of drag” consisting of a best-dressed competition… kind of the LSBU RuPaul’s drag race version! You will have the chance to attend a glamorous evening with a DJ playing music and a lot of fun for an unbeatable price in London of only £4.

Scan the code for more information!

Pack your bags and open your mind! On the 23rd of February, the university LGBTQIA+ network takes you on a trip to Queer Britain museum for a free visit! 

Last but not least, a digital event featuring the internationally renowned activist, model, writer and broadcaster, Munroe Bergdorf, will share personal insights into her extraordinary journey to becoming a hugely influential figure within the LGBTQ+ community. You can join the event for free and enjoy an inspiring and powerful conversation!

2023 LGBTQ+ History month is more than exciting and promises a lot of surprises so why not take part in one of them?

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