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Brent Council and Wates have signed a contract to construct over 300 new homes in Wembley

Brent Council


Brent Council and Wates have signed a contract to construct over 300 new homes in Wembley

An agreement to construct 304 new houses in Wembley will soon become a reality, providing more much needed accommodation.

The plan includes the construction of 250 homes on a plot of land east of Cecil Avenue, which was formerly the location of Copland School. 

The aim is to build a high-end, mixed-tenure courtyard complex comprising one-, two-, three-, and four-bedroom apartments and maisonettes, which will have between five and nine stories.

In addition, the new complex will feature community floorspace and commercial apartments at street level, which will benefit both residents and the local area. Another 54 houses will be built at Ujima House, along with workspaces and a street-level café.

The Cecil Avenue plot will offer 152 residences for private sale, while the remaining 152 units across Cecil Avenue and Ujima House will be a mix of low- and middle-income housing options for council renters. This approach is in line with the council’s commitment to provide high-quality, affordable housing to its residents.

Councillor Shama Tatler, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning, and Growth, expressed her delight at the news, stating that:

“the vision is to revitalise the eastern end of the High Road of the town centre. This will link the established Wembley Central to the new Wembley Park neighbourhood emerging around the stadium, creating a vibrant and dynamic community.”

The Wembley Housing Zone, designated and partially sponsored by the Mayor of London, aims to provide additional residences and employment opportunities, new leisure, retail, and workspaces.

Our underlying premise is that everyone deserves a great place to live, and these contemporary new houses will be warm, pleasant, and secure to live in, said Nick Williams, Regional Managing Director at Wates. 

In addition, we will collaborate with the neighbourhood to deliver these mixed-tenure homes. In order to revitalise the area and foster a new community, this entails using the services of neighbourhood businesses and individuals along the way.

Brent Council & Wates

A virtual mock-up of the development in conversation. Image: Brent Council

The council has launched a range of initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions, improving air quality, and increasing access to green spaces.

One of the most notable initiatives launched by Brent Council in recent years is the Brent 2020 Culture Programme. This initiative aimed to celebrate the borough’s diverse cultural heritage through a series of arts and culture events, including music festivals, art exhibitions, and more. The programme was a huge success, attracting thousands of visitors from across London and beyond.

Overall, the Council plays a vital role in ensuring that the residents of the borough have access to the services and support they need to lead happy and fulfilling lives.


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