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Man found guilty of murdering his girlfriend’s 15-month-old baby.


Man found guilty of murdering his girlfriend’s 15-month-old baby.

15-month-old Jacob Lennon’s mother, Louise Lennon and her Boyfriend Jake Drummond have been found guilty in the infant’s death. After four years of waiting the pair were tried at the Old Bailey court in London.

The baby’s mother; Louise Lennon,32, was found guilty of causing or allowing Jacobs’s death and Child Cruelty.

Her boyfriend Jake Drummond,33, was convicted of murder and wounding with intent.

Jacob’s death on the 27th of August 2019 resulted from a head injury allegedly from being beaten by Mr Drummond. Evidence of this abuse was found in their messages where Drummond spoke about putting the one-year-old in a “torture chamber” in reference to his bedroom.

The Court heard many accounts of Mr Drummond’s violent tendencies; from the police being called because of threats to his own mother to allegedly strangling the mother of his two children.

Lennon and Drummond lied to investigators about the events leading up to Jacobs’s death, first claiming baby Jacob was sick and then blaming each other.

It however was clear that both parties were neglecting Jacob Lennon. Upon a search of their Putney residence investigators found baby bottles filled with brown liquids and Jacobs’s postmortem showing evidence of physical abuse examiners commented that Jacob ‘looked like a panda’ during his postmortem exam.

The pair will return to the Old Bailey on April 24th 2023 for sentencing.

Louise Lennon has been granted continued bail and Mr Drummond remains in custody.

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