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Mother and partner are jailed after violently murdering a 15 month old child


Mother and partner are jailed after violently murdering a 15 month old child

After their 15-month-old son Jacob Lennon was found unresponsive at their family home in Putney, southwest London, on August 27, 2019, Louise Lennon, 31, and Jake Drummond, 32, are both facing criminal charges.
The child Jacob later passed away in hospital, a post-mortem revealed that he had died from a head injury and had been abused for a long time, resulting in 34 distinct body marks across his whole body.
Jake Drummond, a jobless drug addict boyfriend, is currently facing a life sentence for torturing and killing Louise Lennon’s baby son over a long period of time. The Old Bailey was informed that Jake, 33, a man with no known address, threw the 15-month-old boy to the ground with a lot of force, injuring him several times as expected and throwing him from a first-floor window. Additionally, he also had repeatedly burned his forehead with hair removal cream and poked a knife into the baby’s genital area.
According to the court, Jake Drummond would spend hundreds of pounds per day smoking up to 15 joints. He beat Jacob for those hours when he was properly stoned. Jacob Lennon was beaten so much that most of his eyes were so swollen, and he had somewhat resembled a panda. Also due to the heavy use of drugs by both couple, Jacob Lennon had cannabis and cocaine in his bloodstream.
The jury found Drummond and Louise Lennon guilty of murder. The couple also denied causing or allowing the child’s death.
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