JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

This week on JLDN’s radio show – harassment trends after video surfaces on train, what rights EU citizens will have after Brexit and the top Christmas songs in movies.

JLDN Radio – harassment, Brexit and EU rights, Christmas songs

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A tale of Christmas Past

Christmas celebrations in England are rich with traditions stretching back hundreds of years - but which ones have survived and which ones perished? Georgia Harding and Lukas Gerve visit the Geffrye Museum's Christmas Past exhibition for a closer look at Christmas throughout the years.

We are all Human at the Southbank

This October, London Literature Festival has returned for its tenth year at the Southbank Centre, showcasing artwork produced in the UK’s prisons, secure hospitals and immigration removal centres, and ex-offenders in the community, Lydia Smith reports Book lovers are in for a treat as this year’s theme is Living in Future Times, the display includes painting, music, […]

Africa On The Square

Africa on the Square is an annual event organised by the Mayor of London for Black History Month 2016 and has been running for three years. This year it returns again to Trafalgar Square for a continuous line-up of entertainment for the family. This popular event at Trafalgar Square in London, gives an insight into the African culture […]

Shadow Hunters: Get ready for Comic-con!

With MCM COMIC-CON coming up this month, how about a cheap cosplay to attend with! Why not Shadow Hunters? what is shadow hunters? Shadowhunters is a TV series based on Cassandra’s Clare books. Rafaela Sousa, Aiana Iacob and Sam Batty have got together to create the perfect cosplay. They have dressed up just like the […]

Sherlock Holmes through the creator of the BBC radio series

Bert Coules, writer and director of the Sherlock Holmes series for BBC radio, recalls his first encounter with the books and the process of adapting them for radio, writes Adam Shewbrook Clive Merrison and Michael Williams play the consulting detective and his companion Dr Watson in tow. Taking the better part of a decade, the […]

Futuristic cycling on the Thames

The Thames Deckway will cost £600 million to build raising the question is it a novelty or is it a commodity  Demi Millard asks The Thames Deckway is a proposed floating cycle superhighway presented by River Cycleway Consortium Ltd, an organisation founded by Anna Hill and David Nixon. The Deckway will run approximately 8 miles along the river from Batterseato Canary […]