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Gin drinker or psychopath thinker


Gin drinker or psychopath thinker

Does drinking a GandT make you a psychopath or just another ‘sane’ student, Isla Russell reports

A cold gin and tonic makes for the perfect end to an imperfect day for university students, however, a recent study by Innsbruck University in Austria revealed that those who like this bitter beverage could be hiding an unstable secret. They could be a psychopath.

1,000 people were asked to score how much they liked a list of salty, sweet, bitter, and sour foods, and then complete four personality tests. The conclusion found was that those who liked the less palatable foods carried traits of aggression and sadism- a scary conclusion for any gin lover.

Gin devoted Students at London South Bank University were put through their very own psychopath test today, International Gin and Tonic Day. They answered a series of questions ranging from “Do you like bitter tasting foods?” to “Do you like tormenting people?” Students were initially shocked by the research, with third year student James Hamilton going as far as to say “are you sure that research is right? I would never class myself as a sadist just because I enjoy a gin and tonic”. However, after taking the test he soon found out he could have been wrong, “who would have thought it. London better watch out the next time I’m out”.

Despite the new worries emerging that there may now be several (more) gin obsessed psychos roaming the halls of LSBU, there is a light at the end of the bottle. The traits you find in gin drinkers also makes them more likely to be smart, assertive, and cool under pressure. If you’re looking into being a business entrepreneur gin may be the best way to go.

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