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Drink spiking a common thing?

Drink spiking a common thing?


A rise in spiking drinks while on a night out is arising horribly in the UK

People recently have been partying a lot more than usual due to lockdown procedures easing up over the last couple of months.

Unfortunately many people have been victims of having their drink ”spiked” which is putting a substance or liquid in someones drink in order to sedate and drug them so that they are lacking in control of their actions and loose their sense of self awareness and surrounding.

1 in 9 women have stated they have had their drink spiked and a third of women say they know someone who has been spiked according to and its recent updates with drink spiking and among men its around %6 have been spiked while 4% know someone who has, 5% of men state they have been spiked themselves or know someone who has.

-(You gov website link)

Their is questioning of whether women feel as though the police would even take them seriously if they presented their case so some women may even choose to not say anything and keep it to themselves.


Drink spiking is a problem that occurs in the UK often and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to whoever is victim to to being drugged while on a night out, MP of Essex had even been spiked on her night out in 2019 she has stated in Haywards Heath said she saw something black in her drink before blacking out.

Peoples safety are now even subjected to being drugged by needles while out at a bar

which as we know is dangerous due to how unsanitary that is and how easily it can spread diseases as-well as causing disorder to ones coherency.


A young person 19 years of age, by the name of Zara Owen who went out with friends in Nottingham last month, says she blacked out shortly after arriving at a nightclub, and woke up in her bed with no memory, and a needle prick in her leg.
She decided to tell her story about the terrifying occurrence, on the Morning show with Alison and Dermot, alongside the CEO of Alcohol Education Trust Helena Conibear, who says this is a worrying epidemic we need to tackle now.
Will these matters of safety improve or worsen over the years? Will the police tackle down on this? Will their be a stop to this dangerous and very high rising problem?



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