Home Environment Ladybirds with STDs come to the UK
Ladybirds with STDs come to the UK

Ladybirds with STDs come to the UK


An infestation of ladybirds with STDs is about to hit the UK, reports Angela Ansari

The particular breed of ladybirds called Harlequin ladybirds, come from Asia and North America and carry a dangerous sexually transmitted disease. These species of ladybirds are much more aggressive than other ladybird species – eating other breeds of ladybirds.

This disease does not affect humans and so the bugs pose no threat to the public however, the indigenous population of ladybirds could be under threat.

The bugs can also leave behind a nasty chemical smell in the home – crawling all over furniture, leaving unsightly stains and although these bugs have no major impact on pets and humans, experts say that if hungry, angry or provoked, Harlequin Ladybirds can bite you and may leave a mark.

It is advised that if you come into contact with a Harlequin ladybird, remove it in the most humane manner with a glass and piece of card. As the bugs carry a chemical that could stain surfaces its probably best to try not to crush them.