Home Politics Donald Trumps Tweets cause controversy yet again.
Donald Trumps Tweets cause controversy yet again.

Donald Trumps Tweets cause controversy yet again.


(Image: Donald Trump Delivering a speech. Credit: Stockfree Images)

The ever provocative President, Donald Trump, has again taken to Twitter this week, this time to promote tweets of the far-right British organisation Britain First, reports Pascal Kempson.

The videos, posted by Jayda Fransen – Deputy Leader of Britain First, showed so called Islamic groups and individuals attacking innocent members of society including a boy on crutches. These retweets, and Donald Trump’s subsequent tweet to Prime Minister Theresa May, evoked a firestorm of responses from many heads of state across the world. Theresa May rebuked these retweets, but in the least confrontational way possible, stating “I am very clear that retweeting from Britain First was the wrong thing to do”.

The Dutch Embassy in the US also shared their view on twitter with this:

Here at JLDN, we’re interested in what students have to say on these type of issues, so reporter Jacob Dickinson took to the campus to find out whether students wanted President Trump to make a visit to this country.

Whilst some responses were very strong in a denial of entry, others believe in a different approach to condemning hate. Francisca Costi, for example, believes that “The UK should allow him to come and make the experience constructive, they should not ban him because thats the same as he’s being doing for people from other countries.” Laura Murphy however had her mind made up “No, absolutely not”.

These two different points of view with how to deal with the Trump ‘problem’ will surely be part of the commons debate on the controversial President.

If he continues to act along these lines of hate, the British people may begin to lose hope all together.

Leanne Cresswell

A 2nd year Journalism Student at LSBU