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Bring on the Night Tube…. or not?

Bring on the Night Tube…. or not?


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RMT announce planned tube strikes throughout December leading up to Christmas. 

Plans to reintroduce the Night Tube on the 27th of November have been halted by the sudden announcement from the biggest transport union in Britain, otherwise known as RMT, that there will be continuous rail strikes, starting from the 27th and will continue every week until the 18th of December. These strikes will commence at 8:30 pm and finish at 4:30 am.

On the RMT website, they have released their ‘strike policy briefing booklet’ that details exactly when and why they are going on strike.

The newly elected general secretary for RMT, Mick Lynch, released a statement regarding the strikes “ (…) It’s clear from what we know that the Government-driven wrecking ball would reduce transport in London to rubble. We will fight that assault with every tool at our disposal if ministers don’t wake up and see sense.” He continued with a clear message for the mayor and people of London “We are calling on the mayor and the people of London to stand with the transport workforce in a campaign to secure the funding our services need. It would be a scandal if COVID was used as a cover to drive through an unprecedented cuts package when we need to be building back for the future.”

It’s made very clear how the RMT feel about the Network Rail, the British Government and the mayor of London, Sadiq Kahn, as their constant frustration continues with the loss of jobs in the hundreds as well as the increased hours forced upon the drivers, there’s a sense that this could escalate into something bigger, rather than just having the strikes through the night on the weekend, it could develop into constant strikes throughout London, this would cause huge delays and travel chaos, especially with it being close to Christmas and new years where millions will be travelling to and from London to see loved ones and family.

We asked members of the public, that wished to have their identities anonymous, their opinions about the night tube strike whilst we were outside Elephant and Castle tube station, this is what they had to say.

  • “Trying to get home to elephant and castle is a pain, to begin with, but it becomes even harder when the Night Tube isn’t operating.”
  • “I usually take the bus, but it takes so much longer compared to getting the tube, especially because I have to work and travel around London throughout the night.”
  • “Calling a cab isn’t feasible for me as it’s so expensive and by bus, it takes too long, so we need tonight tube.”

With the negotiations being in the early stages between the TFL and RMT, it could be a long time until this issue is resolved however, it’s clear that the need for the night tube to return is in high demand but the reason for the strike is justified.

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