Another rise in tuition fees, another new debt for university students

With millions of students all over the country leaving university with debts up to £50,000, their financial sum is going to get a whole lot worse due to another increase in tuition fees. Paying for university originally started with the Labour Government in 1998 under Tony Blair, who introduced £1000 a year. This was later controversially […]

Why is the UK an international students favourite?

War, Some Mud And Quite A Bit Of Blood: Battlefield 1 Review – Liam Terry

DICE’s recent addition to the ever-most popular Battlefield franchise, was it justified to be as hyped up as it was? Battlefield 1 was the recent biggest hit of first person shooters of 2016, boasting a more traditional setting (being the first world war) which opened up many possibilities and styles for game play direction. But just how […]

The digital apocalypse: how the games industry is rising again