JLDN: Final Show

Broadcast: 15/03/17 Duration: 15:22 Producer: Monique Mehler and Bridget Mulrooney Presenters: Daniela Cardoso, Ellie Style, Nevan Pettigrew Reporters: Daniela Cardoso, Sonia Borawska, Milena Puolamaki, Nevan Pettigrew Related posts: JLDN: Girl Power Week JLDN: Facebook live-streaming, Saatchi Gallery exhibition and more JLDN: Valentine’s Special LSBU Basketball | LSBU v Middlesex

JLDN: Girl Power Week

Another rise in tuition fees, another new debt for university students

With millions of students all over the country leaving university with debts up to £50,000, their financial sum is going to get a whole lot worse due to another increase in tuition fees. Paying for university originally started with the Labour Government in 1998 under Tony Blair, who introduced £1000 a year. This was later controversially […]

Why is the UK an international students favourite?

War, Some Mud And Quite A Bit Of Blood: Battlefield 1 Review – Liam Terry

DICE’s recent addition to the ever-most popular Battlefield franchise, was it justified to be as hyped up as it was? Battlefield 1 was the recent biggest hit of first person shooters of 2016, boasting a more traditional setting (being the first world war) which opened up many possibilities and styles for game play direction. But just how […]

The digital apocalypse: how the games industry is rising again

JLDN: Westminster terror attack

Following yesterday’s attack at Westminster in which four were killed and 29 injured, second-year journalism students produced a show dealing with the events that unfolded at the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge. Our reporters visited the scene and interviewed students on whether they still feel safe living in London. Related posts: JLDN: Holiday cheer […]

JLDN: Holiday cheer