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New condoms ‘coming’ out to ease embarrassment


New condoms ‘coming’ out to ease embarrassment

The stigma behind buying condoms is being challenged by 2 childhood friends who want to make a change, Sidney Stanford reports

For as long as they have been around, people have been embarrassed by the thought of buying condoms and other forms of contraception. The FPA, who are a sexual health charity that specialise in helping people understand more about sexual health, conducted a survey that showed that 1 in 5 people were too embarrassed to buy contraception over the counter and that woman still thought there was a certain taboo when it comes to buying condoms compared to if men were to purchase them. Some people even went as far to say they didn’t go through with sex with their partner due to the fact they made sex less enjoyable.

Childhood friends, Farah Kabir and Sarah Welsh joined forces to create the company ‘HANX’ which is a business that makes  premium condoms and in an interview with ‘The Business Insider’ they described them as having a “stylish design that you’re proud to purchase, carry and use.” The pair came together as Kabir experienced a humiliating time buying condoms on her lunch break and being seen by her boss.

The product itself has a very unique design that is said to “speak directly to women” with a sleek matted foil white box which is small enough to carry around with you on the go. They are being complimented for being 100% natural, vegan and fair trade.

I set out and spoke to some students on campus at London South Bank Universitymand a majority of people said that the whole process of contraception purchasing is daunting and embarrassing. One girl went as far to say it should be left to the boy to buy the condoms.

It is clear to see that there is obviously a stigma behind purchasing condoms and hopefully this new type of condom by HANX will break the barrier and make people more comfortable in buying contraception.

A box of 3 costs £6:

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