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Covid-19 Restrictions Continue to Ease: What has Changed In 2021?

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Covid-19 Restrictions Continue to Ease: What has Changed In 2021?

Covid-19 Restrictions Continue to Ease: What has Changed In 2021?

As Covid-19 lockdown restrictions continue to ease, it is important to look back at what restrictions have already been lifted before restrictions are further eased on the 21st of June.

After London’s return to tier 3 lockdown measures on the 16th of December 2020, people’s hopes for holiday celebrations and a better 2021 were dashed away. 

From December 2020 to the 8th of March 2021, a perpetual lockdown seemed imminent and never-ending, with schools, retail shops, restaurants, and pubs being closed, as well as limited face-to-face access to family and friends. 

But after the government’s announcement of the Covid-19 Roadmap, restrictions were soon to be lifted, with Step 1 of these easings of lockdown beginning in March.  

On the 8th of March, children were to return to face-to-face education, and on the 29th the ‘rule of six’ for gatherings was reinstated, allowing people from two households to meet outside. 

This was a big step for people to break out of the isolation that they had to endure for the past three and half months, and finally see friends and loved ones face to face again. 

Step 2, on the 12th of April, saw the reopening of non-essential retail shops, as well as pubs and hospitality venues opening with outside seating. 

With the coming of the 17th of May, Step 3 was enacted, with the limits of people gathering outside being raised to 30 people, but continuing the rule of six inside. 

In this step as well, restaurants, pubs, and other venues have been allowed to seat people inside, and larger group events are able to seat fans in stadiums, with reduced capacity. 

Also, international travel to certain countries has been allowed. 

As people await Step 4 in the easing of lockdown, questions have arisen about whether or not it will get that point, and if the easing of lockdown that England and the UK have seen so far will cause a new spike in Covid-19 cases, and plummet the country back into a fourth lockdown. 

Here is an excerpt from JLDN’s “JLDN Newsday Podcast 22/04”, with young peoples’ opinions on the Covid-19 Roadmap.


As well as this, with the arrival of Summer, people are beginning to not only look for what they can now do within the UK, but also whether or not they can go abroad. 

This question is a difficult one, as the situation with Covid-19 is ever-changing, and with restrictions from country to country being unclear, traveling has become quite confusing, even with the Government’s travel advice

Vaccine passports have been one of the main methods spoken about for easing into traveling again with people being able to travel based on their vaccination status. 

The government stated that the NHS app would be able to be used as a Covid Passport once international travel was allowed. 

Also, this vaccine passport or proof of a negative test may be allowed for use at Wembley for matches during the 2020 Euros. 

Sabrina Khetta from JLDN reports on Covid-19 Vaccine Passports.


Though there is uncertainty when it comes to easing Covid-19 restrictions, the future seems relatively bright. 

After over a year of confusion, frustration, and hardship, it looks like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.


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