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Emersion Exhibition showcases work from ex-LSBU photography students


Emersion Exhibition showcases work from ex-LSBU photography students

Photo by James Tawn

Emersion Exhibition showcases work from ex-LSBU photography students

Emersion exhibition (located in the Copeland Gallery ) holds a mix of 22 photographers by former LSBU students, who use their work to tell “what it means to be alive today”.

All participants in this exhibition graduated during 2020 and they reined to complete a planned case, which was postponed twice due to Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The exhibition is open from 17th to 21st on November from 11am to 6 pm at the Copeland Gallery

Posters of Emersion Exhibition inside of the Copeland Gallery. Photo by James Tawn.

It is hard to imagine, how bad students felt during the lockdown, since their works they prepared for the graduation could not be presented as planned. Due to the context, the exhibition takes deep meaning because now it feels as it’s almost a rebirth after an absolutely hopeless state.

Some of the most prominent projects at the exhibition in terms of concept:

‘Letter to my Body’ by Niamh McParland. The projects is focused on the self-love portrayed through text and imagery. Pictures tell stories of people about relationships with their bodies. The slightly opened curtains in the personal story of everyone instills confidence in the viewer and increases love to their body, with which not everyone is able to “befriend”.

‘001001001’ by Ben Thorpe. The entire project was filmed on 35mm film, the frames are superimposed on each other, which creates an impressive effect of depth and versatility of the picture. On each of photo, you ca endlessly examine the details and look for new “clues: ti find the meaning of these works.

One of the art works of Emersion exhibition. Photo by James Tawn.

To appreciate the entire exhibition at its true worth and find your own favourites, visit at:

Copeland Gallery 

Unit 9I, Copeland Park

133 Copeland Road 

SE15 3SN



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