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EU Students in the UK on the decline after Brexit


(Image: Students studying. Credit: Pexels)

Figures from UCAS show that the number of EU applicants has dropped by 4.4 percent this year. This comes after a rise in tuition fees and the uncertainty of Brexit, Reports Pascal Kempson.

The number of EU students that come to study in the UK has fallen by 4.4%, from last years figure. It is suggested that this may be down to the Brexit vote of 2016, in which the UK public voted to leave the European Union. Speaking to the students on the ground, this may actually ring true. Danna, an EU student studying at London Southbank University from Germany, believes the environment for learning has altered. “I just feel like if you feel like you’re not welcome somewhere, you won’t be as passionate about it [studies].” He added, “I think it would be more stress, [to study in the UK] having to get a visa and do the paperwork every year.”

Despite this, students from outside of the EU rose by 2.8% on last years figures. I spoke to Kwami, who highlighted what he thought the reasons were behind all these figures. He stated “Europe helps with scholarships, there is a fund for EU students, so I’m sure that would effect [the intake]. But for the third world, Africa, Asia, nothing changes because we still have to pay”.

Even from what the students have been saying, there may be other reasons behind the decline. Tuition fees last year to a whopping £9,250, and despite this fee now being frozen, it may go some way to discouraging International students. Whatever the reason may be, it does seem that the UK is losing it’s credibility somewhat in academia, specifically from those viewing on from across the channel and beyond.

Leanne Cresswell A 2nd year Journalism Student at LSBU