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UK University Students could face another term online in the Autumn


UK University Students could face another term online in the Autumn

UK University Students could face another term online in the Autumn

University Students studying in the UK could face as least another term of disruption as multiple UK universities have confirmed that they plan to keep online teaching in the Autumn, with many who have already had almost two years of mixed method or purely online learning. 

The BBC Reported that, “A number of universities – including Leeds, the London School of Economics, St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh – have said lectures will remain largely or wholly online for the coming autumn term”.

But all universities are planning to take a “blended learning” approach, where “smaller tutorials and seminars are delivered face-to-face but with some teaching staying online”. 

In amidst to this news, it has caused a lot of backlash among students who want to return to campus for face-to-face teaching. 

Leeds University students have created a petition ‘Demand a complete return to in-person teaching’ which has so far has gained over 2600 signatures of the 5000 goal. 

The petition, created by William Huddie, states that, “Online teaching is in no way a substitute for in-person learning and it is ridiculous that the University would expect us to agree with or even accept their decision on teaching for the next academic year” in 2021-2022. 

And that, “The University should emphatically not be planning for a blended teaching approach, considering the freedoms that will be allowed in other parts of society come the start of the next academic year”, with many more commentating on the petition with similar thoughts of concern.

However, a Department for Education spokeswoman told the BBC that, “Universities have a strong track record in delivering excellent blended tuition, and we have been clear that quality and quantity should not drop.” 

Union vice president, Hillary Gyebi-Ababio, of the National Union of Students said: “Online lectures, remote access to resources and other digital provision has significantly improved access to education and, offered alongside in-person teaching, gives students greater choice over how they learn”. 

Amongst the news, it has left many students concerned and unsure about the future years of teaching for their university courses and many have already taken action against it, by setting up petitions in order to get their voices heard. 

By Paris Tundervary. 

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