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Wintertime at South Bank: A festival for everyone


The annual South Bank Wintertime festival has been set up again and crowds are gathering daily to see what it has to offer, reports Elle-Mae Smith

Each year at the South Bank student centre a pop up Christmas Wintertime festival that runs all through December. offers a variety of stalls selling food, drinks, clothing and handmade artisan decorations for you to fill your home with at this festive time of year. People can enjoy hot food, sweet treats and sitting down in a cosy bar with a few drinks and a couple of friends.

People can come together with friends and family for dinner in a snow globe, enjoying dipping fondue and sipping wine. Or if you want some time to yourself and let off some steam after a long day, you can do so in a Finnish rooftop sauna with a view of Big Ben.

We spoke to Emily Poynton who works for the Underbelly company who work with South Bank to organise the festival, to see what she thought of the Wintertime festival. She felt that even though the market had been “open for a few days, already there is loads of people coming after work.” This event can be enjoyed by someone who is on a visit to London during Christmas, or by someone passing through on their way home from work or school.

Reporter Maddie Binns also caught up with some people attending the festival to find out why they were there. Londoners claimed that “as soon as they start playing Christmas music, they are ready” to celebrate the festivities, and the Wintertime festival makes them feel that “Christmas is not far”.

The Festival runs from November 10 2017 until January 4 2018 and is open seven days a week, from 10am to 11pm and is free to enter. So, there is no excuse to miss the Christmas festivities on South Bank.

Pics: credit Sophie Gibbons (Photography student LSBU)

Elle-Mae Smith

Journalism student at LSBU.