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I am a second year Journalism student. I love all aspects of journalism, but I specifically have a passion for broadcasting.

Plagiarism claim for John Lewis’ festive advert

An award-winning illustrator and writer of children’s books has claimed that John Lewis has plagiarised one of his famous stories in this years coveted Christmas advert, George Timberlake reports

Ignite the night- top five fireworks events

Firework night is only one week away, we’ve picked our top five events going off with a bang across London over the explosive weekend Alexandra Palace –  This show-stopping display ignites on Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th November, with special guest DJ Yoda providing tunes to the epic display set to the backdrop of the […]

JLDN: TFL disabled access- commuting, banning unpaid internships, vegan condoms

Broadcast: 26/10/2017 Duration:16:02 Editorial News editor: Theo Giles Social media editor: Remeka Washington and Leanne Cresswell  Bulletins editor: Elle-Mae Smith Editorial Assistant: Olivia Kemp Site editors: Safiyah Bennington and George Timberlake Production Director: Charlie Wetton Sound: James Murray  Graphics: Angela Ansari Autocue: Jacob Dickinson Presenters Sofa: Sidney Stanford and Barbara Onwumere Social media: Maddie Binns Bulletins: […]

New condoms ‘coming’ out to ease embarrassment

The stigma behind buying condoms is being challenged by 2 childhood friends who want to make a change, Sidney Stanford reports

Feed yourself on £5 a week

New mobile apps offer Londoners food that cafes and restaurants are throwing away at the end of the day, George Timberlake reports

Deadly pollution

According to a new report pollution is killing around 50,000 people in the uk alone. Air pollution from vehicles and factories is the most fatal of all the deadly pollution, killing 50,000 in the UK and 6.5 million a year worldwide.

Students worrying over workloads

By George Timberlake With 71% of students feeling that work from university is one of their main sources of stress, we offer you some top tips on how to cope with workload. With over half a million people moving to university, the pressures of uni life is all real for first years. In particular the […]