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Conservative Party in crisis over sleaze


Conservative Party in crisis over sleaze

Conservative Party in crisis over sleaze

As allegations continue to build on Conservative MPs actions, the party is nearing crisis…

The Conservative Party has recently found itself with serious problems due to the ongoing sleaze crisis which has engulfed the party and has dented their lead in the polls.

This has followed the recent resignation of the member of parliament for North Shropshire Owen Paterson following the recent sleaze scandal where he was paid up to £100,000 from different companies. The government has recently been hit by scandals with the ongoing sleaze scandal surrounding members of parliament such as former Attorney General Geoffrey Cox, Romford MP Andrew Rosindell, Huntingdon MP (former prime minister John Major’s former constituency) as well as North East Somerset MP Jacob Ree-Mogg who is also the current Leader of the House of Commons.

The topic of current Conservative Party MPs taking second jobs in addition to them already serving as MPs where they earn a large yearly salary.

File:Official portrait of Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP.jpg

Owen Paterson during his parliament photocall in 2020 by Richard Townshend

The prime minister Boris Johnson has himself confessed that the sleaze scandal surrounding Owen Paterson and several of his other MPs could have been handled better and has also come under fire for having not yet apologized for his MPs conduct.

Former cabinet minister Andrea Leadsom has also come in for criticism for the amendment she had cast which had led to the vote in the House of Commons which the government won and originally spared Paterson of any humiliation before he resigned his seat in the House of Commons.

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