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First for employment- South Bank ranking in the top 20


Is going to university worth the money?- At LSBU it is.  After being ranked in the Top 20 universities for employment for post graduates  in the country by The Sunday Time’s Good University Guide.


After being described by Alastair McCall  as having “an outstanding record for graduates employment”. The fact that the university has been highlight for such an outstanding is all due to the hard work of both staff and student.


Outside the LSBU Job Centre

Students like Sam Dogs a third year said. “Didn’t know that , it’s encouraging, considering how much money we are spending”   However Kelshia Roy-Johnson, a member of at the student job centre at the university, was nor finished at being in the top 20, adding “We need to get higher”. The university is not finished year.

Going to university is one of the toughest decision any person will ever make. With the debt that they will get into and years that they will not be out working, it is encouraging to know that the University of South Bnak, is work to towards employment, as well as top grades.

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