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TFL report shows tube violence on the rise


London commuters are turning away from using the tube, as low-level violence is on the rise. Figures have risen dramatically in the past year, according to Transport for London. Elle-Mae Smith, JLDN reporter.

Every Londoner who uses the tube, knows how busy it can get at rush hours. People become stressed, wanting to get home after a long and busy day, and end up in crowds trying to squeeze into an already full carriage. An official report has been released by the Evening Standard, revealing that incidents of low level crime are constantly increasing.

In the second quarter of this year, compared to the same period last year, the percentage of serious public offences has risen by 230 percent. This, along with an increasing level of low-level violence, such as verbal abuse and pushing, is making people want to find alternative forms of transport, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. JLDN reporter Theo Giles, spoke to a commuter to find out what his experience of the tube is, and how safe he feels using it.

The official documents released from Transport for London show that serious public offences, passenger theft and sexual offences have all increased since the 12 months previous. TFL have stated that these figures “mirror the trends in national crime” as there has been an “increase in all police-recorded crime”.

Earlier this month, TFL had announced that their health and safety budget would be cut by £3 billion and that 1,434 jobs would be axed. This comes as a worry to regular commuters, as they fear that underground tube stations will become a hot spot for attacks. RMT union leader, Mick Cash has stated that he believes “the job cuts must be haltered and reversed”.

Elle-Mae Smith

Journalism student at LSBU.