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LSBU accommodation has currently got unsteady power

One of London Southbank University’s accommodation has left students without electricity on and off for over a month, and still hasn’t been completely resolved. McLaren House Halls is arguably LSBU’s best accommodation due to it being the most expensive, with students paying up to £199 a week for a room. However, some of the rooms students […]

Robot library for LSBU

Future LSBU students are in for a surprise. From as soon as next year they could be served by robots in the new Library on Borough Road. In an attempt to make the university’s campus part of the massively evolving neighbourhood of Elephant and Castle LSBU has launched plans to provide it’s students with a […]

JLDN: French election, music, app testing

JLDN reporters give us an all rounded news event focusing on arts, education, sport and technology Broadcast: 04/05/17 French Election: How will the french election impact the people of France and Europe? What’s Your Favourite Song?: With artists hitting new records and sales booming every minute JLDN reporter Lucy Jenkins asked the public what their favourite music […]

Ryoji Ikeda Exhibition

In the art world a new audio and visual exhibition has opened in Central London and If you’re a mathematical fanatic then the Ryoji Ikeda exhibition will have your mind in an infinity labyrinth. Ryoji Ikeda is a Japanese composer and artist based in France who is known for his mindbendingly complex art work that is based […]

Top students apps

Studying in a new place can be quite daunting. London’s massive crowds, bustling streets and bright lights will definitely take some getting used to. Fortunately there are apps that can help with that! We’ve compiled the top 5 student apps to help you navigate through London. Uber CityMapper Studentbeans Evernote TimeOut

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumours

  Samsung has taken the Android phone market by storm for the past 5 years; but after the Galaxy Note 7 debacle which resulted in customers’ phones exploding  last year it meant the company lost some goodwill with it’s customers. However now with the announcement of a new Samsung phone coming out in the next few […]