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Does living far away demotivate students from going into uni?

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Does living far away demotivate students from going into uni?

A recent study has said that by adding 20 minutes to your daily commute has the same effect as having a 19% pay cut. It also affects the individual’s motivation for working. We went out and asked students if their commute to university affects their commitment to university.

Although it would be ideal to live down the road from where you need, it isn’t always the case, the average daily commute in the UK is 60 minutes, without considering the cost or possible delays.

For most people sitting on a train or a bus to get where they need day to day seems almost unavoidable, however it is suggested that the longer your commute is, the less devoted you are to your work.

We spoke to several students to see if the distance they travel to get to university alters their motivation and commitment to attending.

After speaking to several students we found that, although it would be easier to live close to their university it only seemed to slightly reduce their enthusiasm for their course, if at all. Michelle, travels from hackney to Elephant and Castle for university said, ‘sometimes… it’s annoying because I have to wake up earlier and then leave.’

We also asked Mike Swire, the student life centre manager at London South Bank University, who didn’t seem to think having a long commute is problem for students, ‘we don’t have any students mentioning it, in terms of problems or their commitment, we do have feedback regarding commuting and distance with our placement students, if their placement is too far away making it difficult for them to attend…’

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