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TFL Strikes: symptoms of a financial crises.

Moor Park Station.


TFL Strikes: symptoms of a financial crises.

TFL workers under the RMT and Aslef unions have began striking over job cuts, pensions and general work conditions. 

Today was the first day of the strikes and the internet was flooded with pictures of closed tube stations, packed buses and angry commuters. TFL tweeted that these first round of strikes will go from Wednesday 15th March until Saturday 19th March; warning commuters to “plan ahead”. With seven tube strikes in the last 12 months and MP’s like Andrew Rosindell condeming striking unions tempers were high this morning.

Sources such as the BBC partially blame strike action for the lack of growth in the economy. They used the example of December 2022 when the economy shrank by 0.5%. However an indicator of a reccession is Job cuts which the RMT is striking against.


Unions are calling for commuters to have patience and reminding people that the strikes are necessary to ensure their job security and pensions during this cost of living crisis.

This crisis is caused by inflation. Inflation has caused workers salaries to shrink while companies raising their prices to match inflation are enjoying record high profits. As shown by statisticas ‘Largest companies in the United Kingdom based on revenue in 2022’ Graph.

RMT’s general secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Our members will never accept job losses, attacks on their pensions or changes to working conditions in order to pay for a funding cut which is the government’s political decision.”

In the past year London has seen strikes in the most important sectors of the city; from healthcare to teaching and it has tested the populations patience. But the cities key workers are not backing down with Junior Doctor Vasilli Crispi tweeting:

“We want #PayRestoration

BMA UK Council are joining London pickets to support the strikes

 Amazing turnout at University College Hospital

We are worth more than a 26% pay-cut!

#JuniorDoctorsStrike #EnoughIsEnough”

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