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UK students feeling skeptical about the legalisation of marijuana in Canada

Canadians are now able to purchase marijuana from dispensaries around the country. Photo taken by Wesley Gibbs on Upsplas


UK students feeling skeptical about the legalisation of marijuana in Canada

Unlike in the UK, the legalisation of Marijuana is now legal for both medicinal and recreational use in Canada since Oct. 17 2018, known as the ‘Canada Act’

Canada is the second country after Uruguay, in the world to have legalised the recreational use of marijuana and UK students are feeling as though they are missing out.

Not only are they able to purchase marijuana at dispensaries, they are able to to smoke it in all public spaces where it is legal to also smoke tobacco. However, the legal age to do so is 18 in Quebec and Alberta and 19 in the remainder of the country.

“I think the legalisation of marijuana will affect the youth community in Canada as the legality will spark an uprise in the purchase of the drug, resulting in teens and university students wanting to use the drug freely as they know there are no legal repercussions,” said Jack Fritchley, 19, a first  year London Southbank University student.

An announcement from Canadian authorities is still pending regarding their plans to excuse Canadians who have been convicted with possession of marijuana of 30grams or less.

“I don’t agree with this plan as at the time they committed the crime, they were doing something illegal, but if they are let free, I don’t think they would be a danger to the community,” Fitchley continued.

Currently the Class-B drug remains illegal to consume, possess, grow or distribute in the UK, according to the Home Office. If caught, you could risk an unlimited fine and/or a maximum of five years in prison.

“I think having the same law in the UK will solve several drug related crimes, however, with the legalisation of medicinal to be in full effect by November, its one step closer for marijuana to being legalised. Ultimately I think it would have more of a positive effect rather than a negative one,” said Fitchley.

Legally, police can also currently issue an on the stop fine or warning if you are caught with a small amount which they deem as ‘personal use,’ which is typically under an ounce.

UK doctors will be able to legally prescribe marijuana for medicinal use from November 1, 2018, the Home Secretary announced on Oct. 11, 2018.


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