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Philip Green named in sexual harassment and racial abuse claims

Lord Hain defends naming Sir Philip Green over harassment claims


Philip Green named in sexual harassment and racial abuse claims

On Thursday Peter Hain enforced parliamentary privilege in order to name the individual Philip Green in the sexual harassment and racial abuse claims made by 5 employees in the Arcadia group company, owned by Philip green

In an interview with the BBC Lord Hain highlighted the responsibility behind invoking parliamentary privilege, stating that “Parliamentary privilege is something to be used with integrity, very sparingly and very responsibly”

Lord Hain, a strong believer in the recent #MeToo movement, gained parliamentary privilege, on the basis that the information was in the interest of the public and would benefit the #MeToo movement.

The gag order surrounding the release of Philip Greens name, came after appeal court judges ruled in Philip Greens favour, restricting the release of his name relating to the case. The Arcadia group boss controlling large brands such as Topshop, and miss Selfridge was previously referred to in an article in the telegraph as “a leading business man” when speaking about the case.

In an interview with the BBC the British labour party politician said he stood by his decision to name Philip Green “I believe it was the right thing to do”.

His stand for parliamentary privilege came after an employee involved in the case contacted him speaking of his personal experiences, Lord Hain felt it was his duty to notify and inform the public.

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