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“I’m risking my family’s lives” – the challenge of being forced to work through Covid-19


“I’m risking my family’s lives” – the challenge of being forced to work through Covid-19

“I’m risking my family’s lives” – the challenge of being forced to work through Covid-19

As, we all stand to applaud our Covid-19 heroes there are other heroes, who are risking their lives for their families. Reporter Ameera Raidhan talks to one struggling individual -Kasim Sidda. 

Every time Kasim Sidda goes to work he feels sick. He leaves his family and elderly mother-in-law at home to head out to his job at McDonalds.  He needs the money.  But he knows every time he comes home, he is putting their lives in danger.

“I need money that’s why, to survive, as I’m the only provider in the household.”

Many people furloughed or working from home. Whilst, millions of workers are going off to work to earn and provide for their families, as not everyone can afford to stay at home.

Are left with risking their lives along with their families’ to put food on the table.

Kasim is on furlough leave for one job and the other he has no choice but to work. At home he has his two young children to feed, a mother-in law who is extremely vulnerable and a wife to provide for.

“I need to go to work, or I will be fired and someone will take over my position. I am getting paid from McDonald’s, but it is not enough to run house. I look for another job. Its no guarantee, but I will be looking for a job and my family would have to struggle.”

“I would like them to extend the furlough, for safety of my family.”

Take aways are providing a vital service.

Companies like Deliveroo, have launched a #Heretodeliver campaign, this is to ensure the safety of drivers and customers. They have also put in place contact free delivery, this allows people to receive takeaways and in a safe way. They have also added on, the option to order from BP service station and M&S to ensure people can receive daily essentials.

MacDonald’s have started to reopen, currently only doing deliveries through delivery apps. However, Kasim is expected to go back to work beginning of June, as MacDonald’s ease their restrictions.

“Our house is too small, so he cannot self-isolate. When he comes in the house, he has a shower and changes his close before coming into contact with anyone in the house.”

As, great as the furlough scheme is- it is not applicable to all businesses and does mean many carry on working even during these difficult times.

“Would like the government to give money to smaller business, so that I don’t have to go to work and risk my life.”

“I do feel very valued by the public.”

As much as these campaigns are great, people like Kasim are still risking their lives and their families live. Many argue we, should applaud people like him, as well for doing what he is doing.

“I am very proud of my husband, it is hard but I believe in God and have faith that we will be ok.” Rizawna Sidda (Kasims Wife)

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