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Nicholas Newton

Generating football stories and creating new content

Joshua Webb

Student journalist studying at London South Bank University, with a love for writing and a passion for sports and politics.

Yasmine Taviot

I have grown up with two different cultures that have played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. Coming from a mixed heritage has exposed me to different Oriental and Western traditions and ways of life which have helped me to have a certain open-mindedness. My two passions are volunteering and traveling. I have moved from Marrakech to London in 2018 for University.

Delilah Jarrett

Music journalist studying at London Southbank University aiming to bring you new tunes and news.

Emma Parker

20 year old aspiring Journalist from Essex, and now based in London. Interested in fashion, travel and beauty but I will cover all things students want to know.

Charlie Scrase

Journalism student from Buckinghamshire, now based in London. Interested in sport, music and politics. Interested in uncovering the truth and sharing it with the world.

Mahira Begum

Hi everybody! I am 2nd year student studying BA Journalism, in London

Elle-Mae Smith

An aspiring Journalist, originally from the midlands, but currently studying and reporting in London. Interested in music, fashion and beauty (natural makeup and skincare) journalism. Also keen to write about issues concerning rehabilitaion, dealing with homelessness and body image issues, but I'll also write about anything concerning student life.

Pedro Bisso

Student journalist. Currently based in London.

Juliana Onetti

Journalism student at London South Bank University. From France, now based in London. Interested in fashion, lifestyle, and travel journalism.

Seyi Adejori

Journalism student at London Southbank University. Interested in books, travel, fashion and exploring different perspectives.

Miriam Rafo

Journalism student at LSBU, I will bring you the latest news.

Adan Wardhere

Journalism student with a passion for the UK rap scene, football, the NBA and the NFL

Georgina Blackwell

Journalism student studying at LSBU in London. Researching and reporting on stories that are important to you!

Kika Kubanova

An aspiring journalist from Slovakia. Enjoying mainly feature writing , video editing, shooting and taking pictures.

Marinka Gamtsemlidze

Writers are desperate people and when they stop being desperate they stop being writers- Charles Bukowski. London South Bank University student from Georgia

Viktorie Brezinova

Second-year journalism student at LSBU. CZE raised, UK based. Surrounded by music and fashion since childhood, I've always been passionate about searching for news in the fashion and music industry, keeping up with the latest trends and sharing them with the world.


General dogsbody

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Alessia Sasso

My name is Alessia Sasso I am a journalism student. Journalism is always been my passion and I am lucky enough to be able to pursue it.

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Craig Fergus

I am a second year student at London South Bank University, and I want to specialise in entertainment journalism.

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